Dead Matter Looking for Support

Look, I know the zombie theme is beaten dead, no pun intended (is that a pun?) and oversaturated. With this over saturation, it’s hard to find a unique identity, but Quantum Integrity Software Inc. is heading/trying to go in the right direction. Enter Dead Matter.

In Dead Matter, players have to survive the zombie apocalypse, in the sandbox world based off of Alberta, Canada. Whether you’re solo or with your friends, players must do whatever they can to survive; cultivate crops, scavenge for weapons and vehicles, settle down and defend a set area. Survive friends, just survive.

Going back to the settle down part, players can reclaim homes from the undead and make it your own. It is your responsibility to turn on the power and water sources, but once reclaimed, you can move furniture, board up windows, and customize your fortress to your liking.  It’s more than just homes as you can reclaim warehouses in order to aid in your building processes. You can also customize your weapons or vehicles, such as adding barbed wire to a baseball bat or turning mom’s van into a zombie killing machine.

Sounding cool so far? Well here’s some more info for you to digest. The game has been made to give you variety; you can run into scavengers, a settlement of people, or other players at any moment. On top of that, there will be “random encounters” that reward or penalize you based on how you perform in the situation. To me, this sounds like helping a survivor in need or something along those lines.

There’s a ton more important pieces about this title such as a day and night cycle, a weather system, and a surprisingly deep health system. In regards to their health system, the developers said “Our medical system keeps track of player health through a variety of factors, such as blood pressure, blood loss, bites, scratches, and broken bones. Individual limbs and organs track injuries, and to avoid to sweet release of death, trauma has to be dealt with.” Now, I like deep systems, however, having something too deep, can be a nagging hindrance. It’ll be interesting to see how this is handled in game.

I really like the ideas presented in Dead Matter. Seeing how well a lot of titles such as H1Z1 and PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS are doing gives me hope that more developers will create good titles that aren’t triple AAA, and therefore don’t fall into that triple AAA B.S. we see a lot of (I’m so sorry if that doesn’t make sense). Unfortunately, I do not have a gaming laptop nor do I know if the game would even run on my Mac (Holy crap! I just read the system requirements, and as of right now, I can play on my Mac!). I do know that this game has my support because if it does well enough, maybe they’ll do a console port (please?). If not, then I hope you PC gamers have a good time with it.

Right now, Quantum has a Kickstarter set up for the game, and they’ve smashed their goal of $48,289. The extra money is going to be used for adding more features in such as adding a whole new area, expanding the current area, trading with the AI, and factions. I personally do not like Kickstarters because you do not get your money back if it fails, but I really want to see this take off. I must not be the only one as they’ve almost tripled their goal of $48,289 with 20 days left.

If you donate, they’ll put your name in the credits and give you a bunch of other things. Just check it out, and let me know what you think. Will I be seeing you in Dead Matter?

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