E3 Round Up: Day 1

So far E3 has been meaty. I’m trying to figure out what’s the best way to recap what we’ve seen so far, so bear with me as my thoughts are all over the place right now. I’m going to try my best and break it down day by day in order to make sure my posts aren’t decades long.


EA kicked off E3 for us, and from what I’ve seen, they showed us exactly what we were expecting.

  • They showed us more Battlefield V, in particular a very nice looking Multiplayer trailer. They also confirmed Battle Royale is coming to Battlefield V (yay?)
  • Anthem showed it’s head after a year and got a release date attached as well (February 22nd, 2019) The trailer shown gave us some more details about the game. It looks pretty.
  • More content is planned for Star Wars Battlefront II; one of them being the Clone Wars and another being Solo based
  • A new Stars War game is coming from Titanfall 2 developer Respawn Entertainment titled Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (no Titanfall 3 anytime soon I guess). It’s slated to release during the holiday season of 2019.
  • EA is also trying it’s hand with something new called Sea of Solitude which actually looks pretty cool.
  • They dived into their sports side with FIFA 19 and Madden NFL 19 (which is coming to PC by the way) as well as NBA Live 19 (yikes)
  • If you did play Unravel 1, you’ll be happy to see Unravel 2 is out right now!


The biggest takeaway is that EA is “learning” from their mistakes. “No more loot boxes” they stressed during their conference. We’ll see about that friends. EA is also working on adding a new tier to their streaming service Origin Access called Origin Access Premier (very innovative). It allows access to more games for $15 a month.

What did you think about their press conference? I think they played it pretty safe, and they also gave us pretty much what we were expecting in regards to Anthem and BF5. Do you have hope for EA and no more loot boxes? How about Battlefield BR? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter!

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