E3 Round Up: Day 2

Boy was this a good day for gamers.  Microsoft, Bethesda, and Devolver Digital followed up EA for an action packed Day 2. Let’s get it going!


Honestly, as non biased as I can be, I don’t think Microsoft had a good showing. They showed a ton of multi platform games, which isn’t what you wanted to do. They did show some good stuff though, if you do have an Xbox.

  • Looks like Master Chief is back Xbox gamers. Rejoice!
  • Crackdown 3 is very much alive. It’s slated for a February 2019 release.
  • Gears of War 5 is coming, as well as two spin-offs. One of them is a Funko Pop mobile game, the other is Gears Tactics which is like X-Com.
  • Cuphead is getting an expansion!
  • Sea of Thieves is getting more content matey! The Cursed Sails is coming to you in July and September brings the Forsaken Shores. More pirate, more yar!

Phil Spencer did confirm they are working on the next Xbox. Power moves only, am I right? Microsoft also purchased a bunch of smaller studios most notably, Ninja Theory, and added them to their team.

Now, here’s everything else that was shown and is most likely, if not 100% confirmed to be multi platform.

The Division 2 made an appearance with some gameplay. As graphical sound as it looks, it looks more of the same which is either good or bad, depending on how you felt about the first one. It hits shelves March 15, 2019 with beta sign ups already taking place.

To be honest, I love these Tomb Raider games. They’ve been so good, in my opinion, that I’m beyond excited for this one. Looks good hopefully plays good. We’ll be seeing her in action September 14th.

This has me so hyped, I’m getting goosebumps. I did like Ninja Theory’s reboot, but going back to it’s roots is what we all really wanted. Looks like we’re getting it next Spring (please no delays, please no delays).

The biggest crossover event ever. Hopefully this turns out better than the trailer looks.

I freaking LOVED part 1. I beat it twice, and even though the DLC kind of bored me, the ending left room for a sequel. Welp Techland is looking to deliver. I will say I kind of got a Metro 2033 vibe from it, and with narrative choices now influencing the outcome, it really looks like it might be Metro’s twin.

Oh and Cyberpunk 2077 is alive too. I don’t know what I expected from this, but no gameplay was shown. It does look pretty though.

KINGDOM HEARTS 3 HAS A RELEASE DATE. I REPEAT KINGDOM HEARTS 3 HAS A RELEASE DATE. January 29, 2019 IS KINGDOM HEARTS 3 DAY. Oh and Frozen is joining the ever expanding list of worlds. Looks good!

Metro Exodus is very much alive as well. February 22, 2019 is the day players will finally be able to jump back into the radioactive world.

WALMART CANADA STRIKES AGAIN. For those of you unaware, a Walmart in Canada leaked a bunch of games that could be coming out in the future. Well so far they got two correct, with Rage 2 being one and now Just Cause 4 being the next prediction. This looks like Stormchasers and Fast & the Furious had a love child. Hopefully this turns out better than Just Cause 3 (press F for respect).

What do you think about Xbox’s conference? Am I wrong for saying it seemed pretty empty? Let me know in the comments below friends!

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