E3 Round Up: Day 2

Day 2 was so packed, my fingers are starting to hurt. We’re not even close to being done either. Let’s keep it going!


To me, this was the highlight of Day 2. With the hype and rumors building around Fallout 76, would Bethesda deliver? What else could we expect from them??

Rage 2: Spring 2019

I have no idea who Andrew W.K. is, but he came out and raged.. Yeah it was weird. However, he opened up the floor for Rage 2. This game looks like a complete 360 ladder stall no scope of a change for the series (do you even remember playing part 1 because I don’t). With clear inspiration from DOOM and even Just Cause, this looks like it could be a rebirth of the series. Meaty.

Shoutout to Walmart Canada for leaking this one.

DOOM Eternal: TBA

I thought this was never gonna happen, but thank the video game lords for making it real. This is a sequel to the reboot of the series, and demons will probably invade Earth. No biggie. More info will be available at QuakeCon this August!

Prey Updates and Mooncrash: Available Now

I liked Prey, even though the demo ruined the whole game for me. Rumors of DLC has been floating around for awhile, and Arkane came out and proved the rumors true. Mooncrash is supposedly an infinitely repayable add on giving you more encounters with these fearsome foes.

At the time of me writing this Mooncrash has been made available, but there’s more! A few new modes have been added for single player: new game plus and a survivor mode. There’s also a competitive mode being added called Typhon Hunter which is one human hunting down five player controlled Mimics. Sounds cheesy, but could be fun.

Fallout 76: November 14, 2018

I’ve never been excited for the release of a Fallout game, but this one has me going crazy after watching the gameplay for this game. Fallout 76 is set in West Virginia, and the world is said to be 4 times bigger than Fallout 4 (GASP). You can play it entirely solo, on dedicated servers may I add, or with a group of fellow vault mates. You can team up with your buds to build settlements (not help, Preston Garvey) and take on the world.

The coolest part they showed was that there are nukes placed in the map, and you can go to one, activate it, and bomb some one else’s settlements. Bring it on! Also there’s a beta coming for the game as well.


Wolfenstein: Youngblood: Next Year

So in a surprise turn of events, Wolfenstein made it to the show! Machine Games came and told us that Wolfenstein was getting a new entry in which you take control of BJ and Anya’s twin daughters, and can be played in solo or co-op! It’s also set in the 80’s.

The Future

Looking to the future, Bethesda is hard at work with some more hot stuff. They talked about their first new IP in like 25 years (I believe that’s what Todd Howard said) Starfield. it’s being developed for the next generation of consoles, which means the future is near friends.

And, of course, one of the biggest announcements was undoubtedly…


What a way to end their night! What did you think about that? I honestly thought we were going to see The Evil Within for some reason, but I think Bethesda did pretty dang well.

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