Looking at 2019 Part 1

It’s February 2019 folks.

It’s weird because usually gaming slows down this time of the year, but this year looks to be different. Let’s look at what is coming in early 2019.

I was planning to release this post before Resident Evil 2 came out, but I got lazy. Just know I’m excited for that, and I’m loving Kingdom Hearts 3.

Far Cry New DawnMetro Exodus, & Jump Force

Release date: February 15, 2019

Platform: PS4, XB1, PC

I never finished Far Cry 5 because it got boring. New Dawn is Ubisoft’s take on a post apocalyptic world, and this one is set years after Far Cry 5. I’ll give it a shot, but I don’t expect much to change.

I picked up the Metro series on sale way back when, and they are awesome games. It’s been awhile, but Exodus is looking good!

I loved the old 2D fighting games, so the change to 3D has not been a change I like. Jump Force is slowly changing my mind as it looks good and has almost every freaking anime character ever.


Release date: February 22, 2019

Platform: PS4, XB1, PC

This feels like it’s been in the works for years too. Jeez. Anyways, the “Destiny-killer” is arriving shortly after Valentines Day. Hopefully, it lives up to the hype because I’m excited, and I don’t want to be let down.

(I tried the free demo this past weekend, and I will give a write up of my thoughts soon friends.)

Devil May Cry 5

Release Date: March 8, 2019

Platform: PS4, XB1, PC

I’ll be the first one to admit I really liked DmC: Ninja Theory’s take on the series. I secretly hoped for a sequel (that never fell through). Capcom is back in charge of the story, and we get to see our beloved silver haired amigos go to war against the demon hordes. Stay Stylish friends!

One Piece: World Seeker The Division 2

Release Date: March 15, 2019

Platform: PS4, XB1, PC

I remember I saw gameplay for One Piece: World Seeker and was moderately interested. It kind of looked like the Batman Arkham series and Spiderman combined with One Piece lore. Now, I have idea what time frame the game is set in, and even though it’s been years since I followed manga, I’d be down to give it a shot in the “dead” months of 2019.

On the other hand, we have Massive Entertainment’s follow up to the curiously curious sequel to 2016’s The Division.

Does it look like more of the same? Absolutely.

Will I give it a shot? Absolutely.

I just hope Massive Entertainment really took notes on how to handle this entry. By the end of 2016, I put down The Division just to see it get so many game changes and updates. I beat the game before the updates so when I gave it another shot, I was very lost. Let’s not mess this up Massive.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Release Date: March 22, 2019

Platform: PS4, XB1, PC

I have a love hate relationship with the Dark Souls series; I love the concept, but I suck at playing it. It looks like Ninja Gaiden and Nioh had a baby, and that has me interested. I’ll definitely try it out somewhere down the line.

Days Gone

Release Date: April 26, 2019

Platform: PS4

This game has been in development for so long it’s almost been forgotten. Each E3 since 2016, we’ve received new tidbits and it looks better and better. We finally have a release date, and what we’ve been shown this year leading up to release looks good. I’m thinking it could be an open world version of The Last of Us. Will it live up to the hype? I hope so because good zombies games will probably always be in demand.

Anyways, that’s all I got for ya’ll. The beginning of 2019 is looking awesome! Come March we should have a lot more release dates for future titles so I can make a sequel to this list.

What are you hyped for? Let me know, and we can compare notes!

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