Is the Singular Form of Stadia Called Stadium?- Google Stadia Recap

Google is bringing a new device to homes this November.

A few months ago, Google surprised us with the announcement of the Google Stadia at the GDC. Not much was said about their device except for the fact that it would be a streaming platform: a device that required no additional hardware except for a good Internet connection.

On June 6th, Google finally gave us the juicy information the gaming world wanted through a livestream. I missed the livestream, but Google was nice enough to recap it for us.

Thanks Phil and Justice.

There’s a lot of information that even I don’t fully comprehend, but let’s dive in.

What is the Google Stadia?

Excellent question. Google Stadia is a portable device that connects to Google’s data centers and streams video games at 4K quality 60 fps. Think of a portable version of PlayStation Now and Microsoft’s xCloud.


The device requires you to be connected to the Internet. It can operate on any compatible device such as a laptop, tv, tablet, and Pixel 3 & Pixel 3a smartphones. It can operate with any supported controller (no idea what they are yet) or mouse and keyboard or with the Stadia controller, made specifically for the Stadia.

Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 7.04.43 AM.png

Stadia requires a good Internet connection

The reason why I say think of PlayStation Now is because the Stadia requires a connection of around 35 mpbs. Let’s say you don’t have a good connection like myself. Here are the other internet options that allow the Stadia to function.


The Stadia’s controller has the capability to pair with your internet. This is designed that way in order to allow for reduced controller latency with Stadia services. Pretty cool huh?


You’re probably wondering what games can you play on your new device.


That’s a pretty fat list, which is undoubtedly going to grow longer over time.


So you know what the Stadia is? Check.

You know what games you will get? Check.

Now comes the infamous “How much is it?”, and this question will be answered in two parts.



You pay $129 that’s it. Pre-order now, and you can be a “Founder” with access to all of the above perks.



Just like Xbox and the PS4, Stadia has a subscription model. If you pay for the subscription, you get access to higher streaming rates, discounts on other games released for the Stadia, and access to a library of free games over time.

My Thoughts

I think this is a pretty cool concept. Originally, I thought the Stadia was a smaller console, and that people would find it easier to travel with their Stadia versus a PS4, Xbox or your PC. However, I see a lot of things that I don’t know about that makes me hesitant.

  1. Internet connection: My Internet isn’t good enough to run this device.
  2. Games: Right now the Stadia’s lineup is either games I already own or games that are coming out on the consoles I have. Unless I see something unique why would I invest in this? Not to mention I’m confused on the game accessibility. Maybe this is just me being dumb, but do I still have to purchase the game and pay $10 a month with the pro subscription? Also, let’s say I get a Stadia and play The Division 2. Will there be cross save support, and if not, could they make that happen?
  3. Data cap: So I didn’t know this, but some Internet plans have a data cap. Reportedly, the Stadia uses 1TB of data in 65 hours. Remember that if you want better quality, you will need to use more Internet. PC Gamer did the math, and”¬†figured out that if Google provides 60fps 4K streaming with a bitrate of 35Mbps that means it will use 15.75GB of data per hour. If you stream at 1080p 60fps, the bandwidth drops to 20Mbps, so you’d use 9GB per hour. If you’re fine with 720p 60fps, then you’ll only use 4.5GB per hour because the bitrate will only be 10Mbps.”

I think this is a pretty cool device. That being said this wasn’t made for someone like me with bad Internet. I don’t know though. Initial reactions have been the same as mine, whereas you have others securing their preorders now. Also, I didn’t make this article to crap on the Stadia. I just want you, the beautiful reader, to know what this is.

What do you think about the Stadia, and if you could, drop some Stadia knowledge to me in the comments below!


































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