“2 v 2 me bro!”- Call of Duty Modern Warfare Gunfight Reveal

Wow that title was long as heck. Back on topic, July 11, 2019 Infinity Ward brought Jack “CouRageJD” Dunlop, Jordan “LEGIQN” Payton, Tyler “TeePee” Polchow, and Tom “ProSyndicate” Cassell together to stream their brand new Gunfight mode on Twitch. Is this the revival of Call of Duty as we know it?

First thing’s first, this isn’t a full multiplayer reveal. That won’t come until August 1, 2019. Secondly, this is going to be a short post because there wasn’t much shown honestly.

Now, what’s Gunfight you ask?

Gunfight is a new 2 vs 2 game mode. Players spawn in with random load outs and must kill the opposing team. Forty seconds are on the clock. If no winner is crowned after the forty seconds, a flag spawns and must be captured which will hone determine a winner. If the flag isn’t captured, the team with the most health wins. No more overtimes after that. Sound good?

At the time of me writing this there wasn’t any official gameplay, but fast forward a few days later and Infinity Ward put a crispy 4K video up for us (on the PS4 Pro wink wink). In case you want to, you can check out Optic TeeP’s highlight vid also.



I don’t really know what I expected from this reveal besides gameplay of some sort. I originally thought Gunfight was going to be a Spec Op themed game mode where teams compete to complete an objective, but don’t be surprised if Infinity Ward adds that later on down the line.

Off first glance, Modern Warfare looks like Call of Duty GhostsRainbow Six Siege, and Medal of Honor (if they went modern with it) had a baby. The movement is slower paced and visually it looks just like Ghosts but with fresher paint on it. I guess, visually speaking, the game looks good.

Gameplay wise, we weren’t shown too much. It’s the same Call of Duty formula, but you can take cover similar to Ghosts which will most likely lead to heavy camping. We did get to see a bevy of weapons including the MP5, MP7 and Desert Eagle. It’s kind of looking like a greatest hits of the older Modern Warfare series.

What’s pretty cool though is that the weapons had a crap load of attachments on them, granted this may be only take place in this mode due to no perks. There were executions shown, and there was even a part when a train of executions happened. Almost reminded of Metal Gear Solid Online for a minute!

Guns can be mounted on any solid surface which definitely is going to be increase camping. If you look closely characters had a “super sprint” where your dude runs like the Terminator, and you can reload while aiming down the site. No mini-map, which surprisingly a lot of people were upset about. These maps are small as heck so why would you need a mini-map?

In all fairness this looks fun. I hope they do add a PvPvE element where you can face opponents and AI to increase the longevity of the mode. That’d be dope huh?

Let me know what you thought of Gunfight! Expect the full multiplayer reveal August 1, 2019.

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