Will We Ever See These Games Again?

What could’ve been… or could be?

I’m a gamer, if you couldn’t tell. I’ve played PlayStation games since way back when, which means I’ve experienced a lot of cool things… and wish that I could experience a lot more. I was going through my trophies list and looking at all the games I’ve played since they implemented this system way back in 2008 (I think).

Today I’m going to talk about some of the games I noticed and that I miss almost like a “Where are they now?” type post with any information of them potentially returning.

Let’s do this.

Sly Cooper


I love Sly Cooper. Some of my greatest childhood memories are from Sly Cooper 2 and beating the game 800 times. When the series looked finished after the release of Sly Cooper 3: Honor Among Thieves, a part of me died. That is until they ported all the games to PS3 and gave us Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.

Well Thieves in Time ends with a cliffhanger, and it left fans, myself included hoping for another entry in the series. Note Sucker Punch did not make Thieves in Time so a sequel should’ve been easy to do with Sanzaru Games free to do one and even wanting to make one. I guess the decision is up to Sony.

Screen Shot 2019-08-26 at 10.32.44 PM
This was said a year ago on the Sly Cooper reddit.

If it were up to me, I’d make Sly Cooper 5 by myself, but I can’t even make YouTube videos so there’s that. Oddly enough, Sony gave the green light for an animated series to release with a whopping 52 episodes, and I guess it’s releasing in October 2019. However, this was announced almost two years ago, and any trailers/teasers of said series are gone. If it’s real and we don’t get the same voice actors as the video game, I ain’t watching it.

My solution: Let’s get an HD port of all the games on PS4 and use the money to fund Sly Cooper 5. Deal?


Raise your hand if you remember this game coming out for the PS3?

Raise your hand if you knew Insomniac Games made it?

Alright that one was stupid. I liked the Resistance series a lot. Resistance 2 was the best game of the short series, and honestly one of the greatest multiplayer/co-op shooters I’ve played right next to Titanfall 2 (I have the 10,000 kill trophy to prove it).

I don’t know where they could go with the series after how Resistance 3 ended, but I’d honestly be interested in a new one. I think they could, if they were interested, do a reimagining of the series. Start from scratch, with a whole new fleshed out story since the old ones didn’t have much story wise until Resistance 3.

I hate PlayStation Now, the only way you can play anything that’s not on the PS4, and I’d love to see them on the 4 (PS4 for short). Insomniac Games is on the record of saying they are done with the series, BUTTTTTT (I promise it’s not a butt) would be interested in handing it off to new a studio.

They’re probably busy with a new Spider-Man game or maybe Ratchet & Clank?

Anyways let’s get these on PS4, and bring back the online services. Pretty please?

Jak & Daxter


Okay a lot of these are going to be PlayStation storylines. My bad, it’s just how I grew up!

Jak & Daxter are a part of the Holy PlayStation Trinity along with Sly Cooper and Ratchet & Clank. This series also had a defined ending like Resistance 3 so there wasn’t really much to grow the story from there. I thought Jak 3 was a stretch, but I guess developer  Naughty Dog was planning a reboot! The plans fell through though as they started working on The Last of Us.

Speaking of which, any word on The Last of Us 2?

Also, if you never played them, the Jak & Daxter series is on the PS4 minus Jak X: Combat Racing. We don’t count that one.

Prince of Persia


How about this for throwbacks huh?

Classic series. The movie probably sucked.

I heard rumblings that the creator, Jordan Mechner, wants to bring the series back. However, it’s ultimately in Ubisoft’s hands just like Splinter Cell. I remember when leakers were hyping the community up with an unannounced Middle Eastern game that turned out to be the first Assassin’s Creed game. Good times.

Say what you want, but I will not tolerate any slander regarding the 2008 reboot of Prince of Persia. I thought they were going to make a sequel for that entry, but they released a story DLC add on that I missed.

Whether they reboot the series with the old or the newer Prince is up to them, but I’d love to see it happen.

Saints Row


Growing up Deep Silver’s comedic take on Grand Theft Auto was on Xbox only until they made Saints Row 3 for the PS3. I liked it; it’s like stupid fun. I think Saints Row 4 was even more fun with the addition of super powers. It looked like the series was only going to get better with the DLC expansion Gat out of Hell, but then they disappeared.

Recently, THQ Nordiq has gone on record saying that a new entry is in the works, but it’s been four years since the last entry. Not to mention THQ has been struggling lately, so who knows if it’ll ever come out. Fingers crossed!

Dead Space


You had to know this was coming.

I dislike horror games, but Dead Space was actually really good. I didn’t play Dead Space 3, but with the micro transactions EA forced in, looks like I didn’t miss much but the conclusion to the series.

I would love to see this series come back, but EA shutdown Visceral games, and with it, the concept for a Dead Space 4 is gone as well. I guess they actually had an idea for the game which would be a more open world experience focusing on survival and scavenging mechanics, similar to the “Lost Flotilla” chapter in Dead Space 3. Ellie was initially picked to be the protagonist by former creative director Ben Wanat. Oh what could’ve been.

The Darkness


What a great and short lived series. Personally, I didn’t like the direction The Darkness 2 went in, but it was still a good game.

I’ve tried looking for rumors or any type of news for a potential third entry in the supernatural gangster shooter with the second ending in a cliffhanger, but there’s nothing. Let’s not forget that The Darkness came out in 2007, and the sequel came out in 2012. It’s been 7 years so it might be time to give up hope on a third.

For those who may not know The Darkness is based off a comic book series made by Top Cow Productions. Top Cow is looking to launch a reboot of The Darkness coming this year, and that might give hope for a reboot of the games to closely follow the reboot.

Battlefield: Bad Company


Also… You had to know this was coming.

Where is Bad Company 3 DICE?

I wrote an article on VG Sources about leaks regarding a potential sequel because at some point DICE has to stop ruining Battlefield 5 and give us a sequel. Potential settings would be the Vietnam era which would compete with next year’s Black Ops entry (if it’s real) or Bad Company 3, which is supposedly a launch title for the PS5/Xbox Scarlett in the Holiday 2020 season. The way Battlefield 5 is looking though, can we even trust DICE/ EA to deliver?

Honorable Mentions (I miss these, but for now I’ll live)

  • Splinter Cell
  • Ratchet & Clank
  • Killzone
  • Titanfall 3
  • Rocksteady’s next big game

All right that’s all I got. Are there any more games you’re hoping to see resurface or if you’re a PlayStation person, does your list resemble mine?

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