First Time for Everything- Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo Impressions

Hey all!

Before we get into today’s topic, I just wanted to recap my absence. I feel like there hasn’t been a lot of games/game related topics for me to cover lately. Maybe it’s just me, but it’s part of why I’ve been AWOL.

Along with that, I haven’t spent much time gaming. I’ve been playing Mirror’s Edge Catalyst but I stopped and it’s hard to go back to a game after you stop. Needless to say, a lot of cool things are coming soon in the gaming world so this site should be back and running soon.

On topic, Square Enix gave us a demo for the Final Fantasy VII Remake. I don’t want to get too in depth with it because then I won’t have anything to talk about come full release in a month. I’ll just dance over certain topics, give my feedback, and we’ll go from there.

Full disclaimer, I’ve actually never played the original Final Fantasy VII. By the time I knew what the game was, there was no way I could play it without having to buy the console and game. I’ve only played five different Final Fantasy (X, XII, XIII, XV, and Crisis Core) games and beaten only 2 of them (XV and Crisis Core). Final Fantasy isn’t exactly my bread and butter. I also thought this was never coming out since it was revealed and teased way back when, but I went into this with an open mind and was pleasantly surprised.

Best looking boxes I’ve ever seen

I think my favorite thing is the fact the combat was in the same style of Final Fantasy XV. It’s a free flowing experience where you legit can button mash, and you can also switch between characters for different advantages and play styles. I dig that. For fans of the original tactical gameplay, I’ve heard there’s an option to change back to that style so don’t fear.

I will say the game is gorgeous. The cutscenes were so well done, character models look amazing, and combat has all the beautiful flair. I think my biggest complaint was the camera control felt limited. I can’t describe it, but I didn’t like how it was working. It’s too close for it to be changed so I’ll adapt. The demo was short, but sweet

Final Fantasy VII Remake is releasing April 10th, 2020. Be sure to check out my thoughts after I put in more than an hour of time into it.

Favorite scene in the demo.



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