DC FanDome Highlights

DC fans rise up!

August 22nd marked DC’s “DC FanDome” (sorry I didn’t know how to word that sentence), an all day event bringing together all DC related news ranging from movies to comics, to even games. I was at work most of the day, but I kept my eyes on my Twitter feed to see what the vibes were. Needless to say, we got some fabulous news.

Let’s get into it.

Gotham Knights

For what feels like a very long time, WB Games MontrĂ©al has been teasing a new Batman entry featuring the Court of Owls. Leading up to the FanDome, cryptic teasers were being dropped on Twitter, but I don’t think we could’ve guessed what this game was going to be.

Gotham Knights follows the story of the “Batman Family”; Robin, Batwoman, Red Hood, and Nightwing. An unforeseen series of events leads to Bruce Wayne dying which leads the rest of the gang to band together to protect and save Gotham City. You know, nothing out of the ordinary.

But wait there’s more! They actually brought gameplay footage.

This was pre-alpha footage, and for what’s it worth, the game looks incredible. Each character seems to have their own style of play with Robin’s being a bit more unique because he’s able to use the Justice League’s satellite for short range teleportation (no biggie). The game can be played entirely in co-op, for the first time ever, or solo with an AI companion.


What wasn’t neat was the RPG elements thrown in there. Assassin’s Creed has gone this route, and it’s suffered immensely. I hope this game doesn’t suffer the same fate of trying RPG elements, not to mention I believe WB Games MontrĂ©al also worked on Batman: Arkham Origins, which wasn’t highly favored. I’m not saying that to crap on them, but there is a reality where this game could suffer.

I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and give this game a chance. I don’t think it’s what fans expected, but it does seem to be really cool and ambitious. There’s no target release date, but 2021 is the target release year (lol).

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Rumors started swirling about a week ago on what Batman: Arkham series developer Rocksteady was working on, with the leaks pointing towards a Suicide Squad x Justice League mashup. Looks like the leaks where correct.

I’ve never played Sunset Overdrive, but this trailer gave me Sunset Overdrive vibes. I don’t really know how to feel about the game post trailer, but I don’t think the trailer was that good at all. Something about it didn’t click for me.

Rocksteady is targeting a 2022 release date for this game, and what’s interesting to me is I think I saw someone say this game takes place in the same universe as the Arkham series games whereas Gotham Knights doesn’t take place in the same universe.

Edit: Found the tweet for my above info.

Needless to say, yesterday was a big day for Suicide Squad fans.

The Batman

Okay okay I’m not a movie critic and I won’t pretend to be one by any means. However, I’ve watched the new Batman trailer 7 times, and it’s so freaking good. Let’s make it 8 times.

The more I watch it the more I think of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire since Robert Pattinson was Cedric Diggory in the movie. Maybe he died and reincarnated as Bruce Wayne?

I guess the movie is only 25% done with COVID throwing a wrench in production, but the fact that they managed to put together this trailer and receive the amount of praise is a good sign for the movie. I also have to admit Matt Reeves seemed so passionate about the movie during his segment on the FanDome so it seems like this movie is in good hands.

The next few years are going to be jam packed for the DC franchise as we’ll be getting a whole boatload of games and movies. What are you most excited for? How do you feel about the move to co-op for both of the new games we’ll be seeing?

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