It’s Alive!!! – Dying Light 2 Update

The zombies are (still) alive.

I can’t be the only one who’s surprised this is still alive.

Things have looked rough for Dying Light 2: with stories of toxic work environment and harassment, the art director/writer leaving after 20 years of work, and an indefinite delay after a Spring 2020 was pegged. Let’s not forget the last time we saw some footage of the game was in September 2019.

After hearing all of this, you’d be pretty pressed to believe that the game was ever going to see the light of day (get it? Dying Light?). Surprisingly, the team over at Techland had other ideas when the official Dying Light Twitter page tweeted out they were going to hold an update on March 17.

Was it going to be cancelled? Was it going to finally see the light (I love these) of day?


I actually loved what they did with this video. The dev team got together and read a bunch of comments and reacted to them which actually made me laugh. They went through and gave us a small update asking us to be patient as they work through all the obstacles to create the title they’re passionate about. They ended with a small trailer and 2021 at the end of it.

The team at Techland also felt comfortable to link their Discord and provide the community with a form to fill out with questions regarding to the game. They aim to answer those questions in shorter dev updates, which is really cool to see. If you join the Discord, don’t be a schmuck.

What do you think? Will we see the game release this year? Are you happy to see anything come out in regards to the game?

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