A Surprising Experience- Concrete Genie

Very artsy, much surprisey.

Okay before I go anywhere with this post, this game released almost 2 years ago. I definitely thought it came in 2020.

Now on topic.

Concrete Genie. I remember looking at trailers and info for the game, and I was really intrigued. Maybe it was because the main character, Ash, reminded me of Delsin from inFamous Second Son. Maybe it’s because the art style looked interesting. I don’t know, but I really wanted to try it.

Fast forward two years and this game being featured in PlayStation Plus’ free lineup in the month of February, I finally got time to play the title. Maybe it’s just me, but…..

Concrete Genie is a good game.

I actually enjoyed my time playing it. You play as Ash: a young artist who tries to avoid bullies and create some dope art. I think the biggest thing here is it felt fresh. The last game that I played similar to this was Okami on the PS2, and that was ages ago. This felt unique and a couple of twists made the end game experience almost feel like a different game.

If you have a PlayStation, give this a try. It’s a short game and it’s on sale on the PS store for $15 until April 29th (day after my birthday). In the meantime, take a look at these screenshots I took during my play through of Concrete Genie with my casual tidbits of info.

The game starts off pretty quick, granted it’s a short game. You meet Luna: a Genie who helps you in your journey.

The game has a beautiful art style. As you go through the world and paint pictures, the color vibrates and sticks out so well. I’m not very good at describing it, but if you think this looks interesting, it gets better.

As you progress through the game, you collect more options for your painting. By the game’s end you make some really cool stuff (no spoilers!).

I feel like this is probably my best work in the game, artistically speaking. I loved every opportunity I got to doodle on public property… wait I think that’s vandalism. Not really sure though.

The world of Denska (the location of the game) is enveloped in a darkness. As Ash, it’s your job to brighten the place up and as you can see, compared to the other pictures, there is a visible difference between the darkness and light. No matter what setting though, the game looked good to me.

Okay this is the last picture I have. Yes all my paintings looked the same. I’m not artistically inclined. I’d love to see what other people created in game!

That’s all I have for pics. I wanted to include more from the endgame experience, but I don’t want to spoil anything. Like I said, it’s short and on sale so give it a shot!

Also, if a dev or somebody from Pixelopus sees this, please make another game or a sequel. Pretty please.

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