Dark Souls but Make it Open World- Elden Ring Developer Walkthrough

We like open world games.

I’ve never been a real Souls or Souls-like dude, but I’ve somehow managed to play all of them except for Dark Souls 2. Here’s how my gameplay sessions go:

  • Get excited and boot up the game.
  • Smoke the first area.
  • Get to the boss and get smoked.
  • Respawn, die before the boss, and then give up.

The end.

So as you can imagine, I’ve never really had any success with this games. That being said, I am most definitely going to play this game.

Elden Ring is the next in the Souls like saga popularized by From Software with the joint effort from George R. R. Martin (that guy who’s work got turned into Game of Thrones). The game looks exactly the same as every Dark Souls game, but this time it’s open world. I’m not going to lie the shift looks like it’ll play out pretty well, and I was actually surprised that they made this change.

There has been a Closed Network Test that’s been running since November 12-15th, and a lot of the players who got access to it seem to be really enjoying this title. I think the message has been pretty consistent that the change to open world has been well received which is a good sign for the game. Imagine From Software creating an open world Souls game where you have to climb towers to clear up the grey areas on the map and finding hundreds of useless collectibles…

Elden Ring is finally set for a release on February 25th, 2022. I’m going to try it, probably follow the same cycle that I mentioned above, but who knows? Maybe this game is the one where I break the cycle.

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