Gaming News Episode 16

It’s MORBIN time.

I will not let these Morbius memes die.

I think I figured out the code as to how I can consistently post these recaps weekly: work Friday nights.


Anywho, it’s episode 16, and there’s a couple of pieces I’m excited about in here. Also, I have been playing Sniper Elite 5 on Xbox Game Pass (#NotAnAd) and, fingers crossed, I will be working on a review for it.

Side note, my friends and I have been getting into survival games and, let me tell you, V Rising is pretty good. Also, I know I’m 20 years late, but Rust is a hecking good time.

Shit… I just realized all the gaming showcases are happening in the next couple of days/week..

Oh boy.

Heads up, if I miss a post next week, it’s because I’m typing a novel.

Outside of Gaming

The past week has brought terrible tragedies to the world we live in. The horrific shooting in Texas has really put the US in the hot seat as we continue to debate gun control. I do hope the ones who are suffering can find peace, and my condolences are with them.

I cannot stress enough; I am not a politician, and I am certainly not the brightest when it comes to this topic.

What I will say is that I am disgusted that there are people who would point to video games as a leading factor to causing shootings. I think it’s complete B.S, and I hope as a gamer, I can help shed light as to how gaming is more than what uninformed individuals and finger pointers like to label it as. I do hope we see change and fast.

I also want to take the time to send condolences to Ray Liotta’s family. He passed away on May 26, and me being totally unaware, I had no idea he played Tommy Vercetti in GTA: Vice City.

Again, my condolences to those who are grieving at this moment, and I hope we as a society can make huge leaps forward to making the world safer for everyone.


Callisto Protocol news drop

Callisto Protocol
Image courtesy of Twitter user IdleSloth84.

I dropped the ball on this one as this news came out last week, so my apologies.

The Callisto Protocol, the new game from Dead Space creator Glen Schofield, had a Game Informer feature a week ago giving us a few new details on the upcoming survival horror title.

The deets include:

  • Well known actor Josh Duhamel will be voicing the main character Jacob Lee
  • Much like Dead Space, Jacob has unique kinesis that allow him to push and pull objects
  • The gruesome monstrosities you will be fighting are called “Biophages”
  • The team is aiming for a “2nd half of 2022” release window, and the game will be cross generational

Sob story time; I hate horror everything, but games like Resident Evil 4 and the original Dead Space opened me up to how good these games are when you face your fear. It’s clear that Glen and the team are making this title with heavy inspiration from Dead Space, that’s awesome, and I am stoked for this title. Not to mention bringing in Josh Duhamel is a W within itself as I will always love when celebrities lend their talents to gaming.

Oh, last thing. When the game was first announced, it was mentioned that it was set in the PUBG universe as Striking Distance Studios is owned by the parent company of the battle royale. No idea how that would’ve worked, but Schofield did announce that it is not longer attached to that universe and is its own entity but will have easter eggs from PUBG. I’ll just say that if there’s not a single frying pan, don’t even ship the game.

Just kidding.

Battlefield 2042 is the gift that keeps on “giving”

I’ve gone to great lengths to spread the good word of Battlefield 2042 and have probably spent way too much time talking about this game. As hard as I try to avoid it, DICE keeps reeling me in.

Here’s the deal. Remember how Season 1 was delayed until June? Well it’s about to be June, and the Season 1 content drop was shown.

Holy shit is it bad.

2042 Season 1 roadmap

What they forgot to put in the above graphic is that DICE announced they are done with the new Hazard Zone Mode and will stop updating the it not even a year into the game’s lifecycle as they look to focus their energy on modes the fans enjoy….

So nothing then.

Just kidding.

Let’s not also forget that they recently changed Breakthrough from 128 to 64 players, and everybody seems to dislike that change.

I know I don’t have to say it, but this is not okay. Like at all.

I know I’m being overly harsh, but this was a highway robbery from a series and a team that was once considered the best in the industry when it came to the FPS genre. I didn’t even pay for the game, and I feel personally victimized. If this is what “live service” and the future of Battlefield looks like, EA can keep it especially with the news that they might be looking to sell.


Star Wars Jedi: Survival

Stop what you’re doing right now and listen to me; if you have not played the first game, close out this post and go play it. It’s phenomenal (shameless plug to my review of the first game) and literally the saving grace of EA. Back on topic, Respawn dropped the trailer on a Friday night while I was outside (trust me I leave my house guys), and Cal Kestis will be using the Force in 2023.

Star Wars fans are eating so good.

The Quarry – Gameplay Overview

The Quarry received a 5 minute video breakdown of what to expect from Supermassive Games. In it, Director Will Byles talks about how the game plays in terms of decision making, the star studded cast and details extra features such as a party mode, where up to 7 players can choose story paths, a couch co-op mode where you can assign players roles as characters, and a movie mode where you can watch the action unfold without having to play the game yourself.

I’ve never been a fan of theses types of games, but this video actually made me interested in possibly trying it out. Plus, Byles narrates this very well. The Quarry launched June 10, 2022 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S and Microsoft Windows.

Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed and Clone Carnage

It’s probin time! Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed (Weird phrasing) launches August 30, 2022 with our favorite alien coming back to “save the world”. It’s been awhile since I played the remake of part one, but I remember it was pretty good balancing the newer gameplay updates while retaining what made the first one fun.

Pre-ordering the game will get you access to the multiplayer portion that was leaked a week ago, however, the multiplayer mode is playable now and can be purchased separately. That last sentence doesn’t really make sense, but that’s exactly how it’s being marketed.

I, The Inquisitor

I, The Inquisitor is a game that is development by Polish studio The Dust. The story follows the best selling book series where, after Jesus is crucified, he becomes enraged and builds and army of religious zealots called Inquisitors that impose his violent will on all the non-believers. I’ll link a full breakdown of what to expect, but the description sounds like a blend of Dante’s Inferno and The Witcher.

Sonic Frontiers

Top comment said it first; this looks like a tech demo. It looks like a fan made trailer, but this is real. Something that makes me curious is how the switch to open world design works for Sonic because I feel like it could get stale very quickly. Sonic Frontiers is targeting a 2022 release date, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they let it cook a bit longer.


Winner’s Circle

Image courtesy of LoL Esports.

Alright, I have absolutely no idea what went down because I absolutely know nothing about League of Legends, but RNG beat T1 in the MSI 2022 this past weekend. I’m still going to give them a shoutout because they absolutely deserve it plus I know Faker is a legend (no pun intend) and T1 is said to be really good so any team that beats the best deserves a highlight!

This match was the fourth most viewed LoL match of all time with a peak viewership of over 2,000,000. Absolutely absurd!

TSM Reginald speaks

A few posts ago, I brought up how TSM’s CEO, Reginald, was/has been in hot water for quite sometime for being a straight up bully.

Quick recap for all those who haven’t heard;

TSM Regi has been accused for creating a “culture of fear” in the work environment. A hefty Washington Post article came out about a month ago breaking down Regi’s negative actions such as firing the head of human resources for “asking a question Regi didn’t like” and past video footage of him berating players. This has an issue for some time, but the topic kind of elevated in attention after a back and forth between former TSM LCS player Yiliang β€œDoublelift” Peng and Regi over Doublelift’s departure from the team. Doublelift was very vocal on Regi’s behavior saying β€œHe’s like a bully who gets away with being a bad person because he’s powerful, because people are afraid to stand up to him,”.

End recap.

At the time of the Washington Post report coming out, TSM vowed to launch an investigation into the affair. Unsurprisingly, they reported that they didn’t find any evidence of the accused negativity citing that 39 employees, past and present, and members of their LoL team were interviewed with not a single word of him using derogatory comments or creating that “culture of fear”. Keep in mind that Riot is still conducting their own investigation into this situation.

Couple of things here, but I’ll let Doublelift’s tweet summarize my thoughts for me.

Around the Platform

Rapid fire segment where I list the rumblings and news going on around the esports world!

  • The Call of Duty League’s Major 3 Bracket has been set ahead of this weekend’s showdown. Heading into it, Major 2 winners Los Angeles Guerrillas have stumbled immensely, the London Royal Ravens are looking gutted while, on the flip side, NYSL and Rokkr have seemingly figured out how to make their rosters work. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out, but I do hope the viewing numbers pick up. The month break killed a lot of momentum.
  • Speaking of the CDL, a few CDL and Overwatch teams owe Activision money for their franchise spots. According to reporter Jacob Wolf, teams have had payments deferred due to the COVID pandemic, and former head of Activision esports, Brandon Snow, proposed waiving some of those fees until he left the company.
  • One more CDL point because this one is hilarious. After last week’s matches, seeding was to be determined through a tiebreaker between the Florida Mutineers and LA Thieves. In the pre-game segment, one of the “Keys to Victory” seemed to promote throwing the tiebreaker as the winner would face OpTic in this week’s Major. I thought it was funny, but I have noticed some of the “Keys to Victory” have been really troll like, and instead of that graphic doing the trolling, I’d rather see the analysts do it, ya know?
  • France is all of a sudden anti English gaming terms as they’ve banned the usage of words “esports” and “streamers” in an effort to maintain language purity. Wait until they Tweet and get hit with a fat ratio.
  • Competitive Fortnite will be making a return to LAN with their first event scheduled for November in Raleigh, North Carolina.
  • In CS:GO, NAVI announced that they are parting ways with their IGL Kirill β€œBoombI4” Mikhailov not because of his performance but due to “high reputational risk” (pretty sure “reputational” is not a real word). Before Antwerp, Boombl4‘s wife seemingly showed support for the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and both sides agreed to part ways after the conclusion of the event (link to source of last statement).
  • A bit of an older topic, but in Valorant, the Riot devs did a Q&A where they picked a few community questions to address. One of the questions was about the replay system, and Riot broke the internet saying they didn’t have any plans on implementing one because they’d rather focus on other parts of the game that “improve long term game health”. Everybody disliked that, so a Riot dev had to go back and clarify that they want to implement one, it’s just taking longer than they thought. I think I mentioned this before, but this back and forth of “no and then react after community feedback comes in” isn’t a good game to play.
  • Very sad news in the Apex Legends; Gambit has officially let go of their roster. The team will enter free agency with many hoping another big European org can give them a home. It’s sad to see especially watching the Gambit org slowly fade away due to factors outside of their control.


Give me innovation or give me death! (jk)
CoD pros have started testing out MW2 (2022). Methodz Tweet reads like a cry for help.
The Holiday season is about to be a nightmare for shoppers.
If you know, you know.

Other News

  • Cal Kestis’ helper droid, BD-1, is getting his own LEGO set. I know LEGOs aren’t as cool as they used to be, but I might actually cop this!
  • Winnie the Pooh is getting a horror movie adaptation where the lovable bear and homie Piglet are slasher villains. This isn’t gaming related, but it’s so bizarre that it caught my attention.
  • Horizon Zero Dawn and Gran Turismo are the latest Sony properties that will be getting tv adaptations with HZD being in early development with Netflix. I’d be interested in the HZD adaptation, but Gran Turismo is literally luxury cars driving in a circle…. Hear me out; I think Sony should consider making one of these shows animated. Maybe a bad take by me, but I think it’d work really well.
  • Back in November, a Marvel MMO was announced to be in the works by the same team that brought us DC Universe online. The team announced last week that the project has been canceled but artwork came out for it showing how the title was inspired by the art style of Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse. It looked pretty good, almost a bit Fortnite like, but it’s too bad it was canned.
  • Cyberpunk 2077‘s upcoming expansion has seemingly been leaked through update files. If true, the expansion is set to explore the Pacifica region with a new character, feature new gigs from fixers and a few new story missions that can have an impact on dialogue choices in the last mission of the game.
  • Assassin’s Creed Origins will be getting a 60 FPS boost on Xbox Series X|S and PS5 today!
  • The Twisted Metal tv adaptation adds Will Arnett to voice Sweet Tooth. I guess this is really happening huh.

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